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Welcome to the ELKAMAP website with domain names and; this is an Internet project that unites people based on common interests.
The administrator of the ELKAMAP website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) provides Users with access to the information and resources of the Website on the terms set out in the following Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), that each user is recommended to carefully read:
1. The Terms of Use of the ELKAMAP website, published at, developed by the administrator and the owner of the ELKAMAP site and defines the terms of use of information and resources of the site, the rights and obligations of Users.
2. These Rules are mandatory for all users of the ELKAMAP website.
3. Each user immediately after visiting the site, filling out the forms, including the feedback form, is recommended to fully familiarize himself with these rules, as well as with the disclaimer of responsibility of the administrator for illegal actions of the Site Users. Registration on the ELKAMAP website, as well as the user performing any action on the ELKAMAP pages, means the user's full and unconditional acceptance of these rules and the disclaimer.
4. These rules are an open and publicly available document and may be changed or supplemented by the administrator of the ELKAMAP website unilaterally without any special notice. The current version of the rules is located on the Internet at:
The administrator of the ELKAMAP website strongly recommends that users regularly check these rules, as well as other legal and legally significant documents for timely familiarization with the changes or additions made to them.
The user's continued use of the information and resources posted and published on the ELKAMAP website after making changes and/or additions to these rules and other documents means full acceptance and consent of the user with the changes and/or additions.
5. Any individual who has reached the legal age can become a user of the ELKAMAP website.
6. The user of the ELKAMAP website is solely responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, of all information provided by him or published on the Website.
7. When joining, the user of the site, agrees to these rules, and unconditionally assumes the rights and obligations related to the use and functioning of the site.
8. On the ELKAMAP website, in albums, in news, comments, discussions, surveys, audio and video recordings, it is not allowed to post someone else's Content in whole or in parts without the prior permission of the copyright holder.
9. On the ELKAMAP website, users are not allowed to place third-party commercial and political advertising, as well as advertising their Internet resources and business, without the consent of the site administrator.
10. When using the information and resources of the ELKAMAP website, users must:
- Comply with the provisions of the current legislation, the rules and other documents of the ELKAMAP website;
- Not post on the ELKAMAP website information and objects (including links to them) that may violate the rights, including copyrights, and the interests of third parties;
- Before posting information and objects on the ELKAMAP website, including images of other persons, texts, audio and video recordings copied from other Internet resources, independently assess the legality of their placement.
11. Users of the ELKAMAP website are prohibited from:
a). Publishing information that:
- Contains threats, insults, defames honor and dignity or business reputation, or otherwise discredits the site administrator, other users or third parties;
- Is vulgar or obscene, has pornographic content or contains scenes of a sexual nature involving minors;
- Contains scenes of animal cruelty;
- Contains a description of techniques and methods of suicide or other information, including graphic, inciting to commit suicide;
- Promotes incitement of racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity;
- Promotes fascism or the ideology of racial superiority;
- Contains extremist materials and appeals;
- Popularizes criminal activity, contains tips, instructions or guidelines for committing criminal acts;
- Describes the attractiveness of the use of narcotic substances, including "digital drugs", information about the distribution of drugs, recipes for their manufacture and tips for use;
- In any other way, violate the rights and interests of citizens, legal entities or requirements of the legislation. 
b). Carry out mass mailing of messages, including using instant messengers, forms for comments, etc. to other users of the site ELKAMAP without authorization and consent of the users. 
c). Upload, store, publish, and distribute viruses, Trojans and other malware, as well as content or Media-content that contains malicious codes or links, including hidden or encrypted.
d). Try any method to access credentials of other users of the site ELKAMAP. 
e). Carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons. 
f). Publish any information which in the opinion of the website administrator ELKAMAP, is undesirable, or not relevant to the purposes of the Website, or prejudicial to the interests of other users. 
g). Use profanity in publications, comments, graphics, audio-video files, even if it is written using different characters instead of words.
12. Users of the ELKAMAP website are allowed to use the materials of the ELKAMAP website on their resources, in their newsletters, etc.
12.1. Users of the ELKAMAP website are allowed to freely use for their own purposes any document, any information, any image or video published on the website, subject to the following conditions:
- The full name and other details of the author of the material (information, articles, images or videos, etc.) must be included in the reprinted publication in the same form as on the ELKAMAP website.
- Any distortion of information about the author when reprinting materials is prohibited.
- The content or the article should not be modified or altered during copying. All visual content and articles posted on the site must be copied as it is. The user has no right to cut, correct or otherwise distort the republished document, article, image, video, etc.
- If changing the content copied from the site is vital for the user, the user can contact the administrator of the ELKAMAP site and get consent for this. Without the written consent of the administrator, it is prohibited to modify the content copied from the ELKAMAP website!!!
At the end of the copied text document or visual and other content, the user is obliged to publish a link to the ELKAMAP website.
- The link to the ELKAMAP website must be workable (clickable with redirection to the author's website).
- All documents, information, videos and images published on the website will not be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of the administrator of the ELKAMAP website.
13. The user of the ELKAMAP website is personally responsible for any information posted on the Website.
14. If the user does not agree with these Rules or their updates, he is obliged to stop using the ELKAMAP website on his own.
15. The information published on the ELKAMAP website in any form may contain links to other sites, but only in full compliance with the rules for using the Internet, and other relevant legislation.
16. When a user decides to leave the ELKAMAP website and follow links or banners posted on the website to third-party sites, use, or install third-party programs, he does so at his own risk.
17. In case of detection of violations by the user of the ELKAMAP website of the rights of other participants or third parties, according to the current legislation or rules, the administrator reserves the right to apply one of the following measures against the violator:
- Remove the Content and other information of the user who violated the rules or the law, from the pages of the ELKAMAP website and/or block access to it by other users;
- Block the access of the user who violated the rules, to the information and resources of the ELKAMAP site;
18. The administrator of the ELKAMAP website has the right to send messages and other information to users about new publications and activities of the website.
19. If you have read these rules, expressed full agreement with them and are ready to comply with them in full, then you are welcome to the ELKAMAP website.

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